Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haunting the Kitchen

Still working on adding some spooky decorations to my house. Since I don't have a lot of extra money to spend I'm always looking for decoration on the cheap. This morning I made some spooky jars with labels from Love Manor. They have tons of label designs on their flickr page that you can print out. My printer was running out of ink but I think it gave the labels a cool effect. I also burned the edges of some and affixed them to various jars with Modpodge. Inside the jars I added candy corn, old twigs, oily water and plastic snakes. It was a lot of fun. On one bottle I dripped some candle wax to cover up the writing. Thank you Stephanie for sending me the link to these labels!

Above the stove, I've changed my usual cheery art with three photos I took in New Orleans in St. Louis Cemetery #1. Some Ichabod and Screaming Pumpkin Ale, a bottle of Vampire wine and Zombie Zin for my Halloween party, black cat tile was a gift from my friend Carolee of King of Mice Studios, cool "BEWARE" blocks from TJ Maxx, and glow in the dark & glitter skulls that were 60% off at Jo-ann Fabrics.

From my father in law, who may actually love Halloween more than I do, although not by much, is the flying skeleton I've been coveting for years. He looks great above the kitchen sink!

I'd love to see links to your Halloween decorations so post a link in the comments section if you have one!


  1. Oh, I love your Halloween decorations. :) Thanks so much for sharing those photos. If you visit my blog, you can see some of my decorations. And here are the decorations from last year. :)

    Greetings from Munich,

  2. I am not sure why the second link didn't work. Here it is again! :)

  3. Between the football travel, busy life, and a uggy cold bug, I have done practically no decorating this year. I've been enjoying the holiday and seasonal activities and views, but my own house.... sigh. Maybe it's not too late. If I can manage to stay home long enough today to clear some laundry and book piles and make a few vignettes.

  4. So cool! Can you believe that I haven't done anything this year? I moved with my dad and brother two months ago, so I can't go wild around the house. I'm getting ready to dress up my Alter, tomorrow, I think. I saw some beautiful leafs I want to add to it. I've got a cute pumpkin my niece gave me and some ideas lurking in my head. I'll come back and share, but I'm sure they won't be as creepy-licious as yours!

  5. More awesomeness! I love those labels. :) I have two rooms of Halloween decor, and I will be posting snippets of them on the big day. Stay tuned...Theresa

  6. I too, love the flying skeleton. though an admirer of the H'ween decorating I am helpless in the department of being Suzie Homemaker ...(outside of culinary delights).
    My skills run somewhere between shoveling mouthfuls of chocolates and sipping (alas it's true; gulping) wines and blasting about trivial issues.

    truly enjoy your blogspot and tweets - keep them coming!

  7. I've been enjoying the holiday and seasonal activities and views, but my own house...

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