Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Annie

We miss thee from our home dear Annie.
We miss thee from thy place.
A shadow o'ver our life is cast.
We miss the sunshine of thy face.
-epitaph on gravestone of Annie H. Landis
age 19 yrs, 8 mo, 22 days
died May 18, 1907 East Petersburg, PA

It's no secret I love to walk around graveyards. I'm usually not interested in graves that date before 1900 but the epitaph on Annie Landis' grave made me a little weepy. Poor girl, only 19 years old. Didn't have the chance to marry or have children. I imagined her mother writing the words to go on her grave in tears.

So far this is my favorite grave in my town of East Petersburg, PA. Nice skull.

And only a weirdo like me brings a jack be little pumpkin to the graveyard.


  1. I don't think it's weird at all. I love the colors together, the gray and orange. And the finger is pointing at it! :)
    That inscription is SO sad. 19 is way too young.
    PS I love to walk through graveyards, too.

  2. I love old graveyards. it's is quiet and peaceful yet full of stories and waning passions.- They are excellent photos!

    stop by my blog- and email (whisperings13@gmail.com) me if you would be so kind- Your name came up from the cauldron for my 100th post thank the followers give-away! Congrats!

  3. Wow, that last shot is perfect. I love the orange pop of the pumpkin against the gray of the tombstone. Makes me want to take my camera to the nearest cemetary.

  4. LOVE all the great photos! My Daughter Annie also takes photos of graves...she moved to Austin, TX and is exploring all the new sites!
    Bugs & hisses

  5. Such a very sad story about Annie. I don't think you are strange for liking pumpkins and gravestones!;)
    There is something weird and wonderful about graveyards. I like your photo's very much.;)
    Thank you for visiting me.
    Happy Halloween!
    Jo May.

  6. I'm planning on taking a walk around Lancaster City next week to take pictures of the beautiful graves there. :)